I’m an Australian in France, trying to travel and make sense of it all. I’m a pretty easygoing person who likes just about everything and then can’t fit it all in.

I get around a bit on various social media sites, and this is obviously where the line between my professional and personal worlds get rather blurred. If you want to know a little more about my personality generally, these would be the places to start. Or, feel free to contact me directly on ange.alcorn@gmail.com.

My Personal Blogs & Tumblrs

I’ve got a personal blog at Smange.com, but there’s also Alcorn.id.au, Pinterest, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Flixter and Trakt will show you what I’m watching, Goodreads will show you what I’m reading, while Last.fm will show you what I’m listening to.

There are links to most of my sites and social network profiles at About.me/Smange.


Professional Blogs

I also write for MakeUseOf, do freelance writing and keep several blogs of my own with professional content. I go into more detail on my writing page, but here’s my professional blogs: Netsavoir, Bootstrap Your Life, Vegemite Croissant and Stage Left Events.

There are links to most of my professional sites and social network profiles at About.me/AngelaAlcorn.



  • Hi Angela,

    I’m a co-founder of Gojee. Thank you for writing the nice article about us last week. We’d like to send you a thank you note. Could you let me know your mailing address?